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Upon sensing this man, Ragna stopped in his tracks. He squinted, brows tilted down even more than usual. Something about this man was different, and not a good kind of different. He smelled, reeked even, with the stench of… something. He couldn’t place it, but it was there and too pungent to ignore. This guy wasn’t toting any ordinary armagus, no way. Not to mention he was plenty tall, well built, and wielding a sword that looked duller than the Reaper’s own blade.

He was probably a bounty hunter. A weird looking, magic carrying bounty hunter. Ragna’s hand reflexively drifted to the handle of Blood-Scythe. “… Who the hell are you?” He asked, scowling.

Kagutsuchi. This new town was all as strange to the bounty hunter even if he’d arrived unexpectedly a week before. But what kind of town was this? A place where everyone was scared for their lives, running away from this new bounty named “Ragna”. He’s only heard stories of who this target was, but never actually saw a photo of the wanted man. He knew that there was some truth to rumor, but in this case, he knew for the most part or he felt that people were just making a big name. An urban legend almost.

As he saw this kid, however, he was giving him a look as if he was ready to fight or if he had a problem with him. He had the Fuuenken over his shoulder, the vanguard and weapon he used whenever things got bad. Another thing that stood out was one eye being red and the other green along with that white spiked hair he had. But something didn’t seem right.

"What’s it to you boy?"


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He wasn’t exactly surprised that Sol hadn’t heard of Miller; his second-in-command had lived most of his life in Japan and didn’t have the same resume of heroics that Snake did. Nevertheless, Miller is one of his most trusted allies and a person of note that any new recruit should know about.

“Yeah, that’s right. Kaz. Blond hair and aviator glasses, can’t miss him. He’ll be the guy that briefs you before missions.”


“Our R&D labs look a little something like this…”


“It’s to the west of where we are now, the Command Center. I’m not too good with the technical mumbo jumbo, but if you talk to the guys that are normally there, they should have no problems telling you about the technology that we have.”

Snake knew that he would lead the MSF to whatever conflict that called for them, but he also knew that one day he would have to go directly against the United States. As long as Cipher stays in control, it would be unavoidable. It was his problem, but he was glad that he had loyal men that would be willing to go to hell with him.

“That reminds me… I never caught your name, soldier. What do you prefer to go by?”

This Kaz sounded more and more like an interesting fellow. Someone that looked like or sounded like someone right out of Top Gun. For the now ex-bounty hunter, he wouldn’t really doubt if this Kaz was an acclaimed man like Snake, but a second in command proves whosever in that position, knows about responsibility and maintaining things while the commander and chief is gone.

"I’ll be on the look out for him then…"

He looked at the plant and proceeded onto business. This offshore lab seemed like the right place for anyone to hide or conduct business without a hitch. It seemed as if this plant was developed and kept being improved upon. By the 1970’s, there were off-shore plants already in place, but nothing like this. Still, there was a lingering question with Sol: was there anyone of notice from back then in the 1970’s that were here too? Surely none of his professors, but possibly someone who’s benefited the world of science. 

"Ah thank you sir. Who is in charge of the R&D?"


Somehow, in some way, this man in red knew this question would come up. The truth was, he left his identity behind to use this guise to never be found again. However, seeing as now he’s a recruited soldier, now he would only be remembered in the pages of history along with his entire team. They would remember Snake, but not him, and thankfully he wanted that to be like this.

"It’s Frederick but, I don’t use that name any more, sir."

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This female, as fast and as well-equipped as she was, knew how to move out of those tight spots. In a sense, she did it all with elegance, as she ran as fast to get away from him. 

The wind kept going through the bounty hunter, like knives going by, cold but certainly fast. This was going to be a game of chase as both the red creatures ran. There was in a way, a freedom, as both the male and female were unbound and not going on any agenda. This was their playground, and their own haven that no one else dared to interfere.

“What’s the deal?!”


A hiss slipped past her throat. His persistence was much too close for comfort. Even with the use of her grapple gun to propel her leagues further, he still managed to keep running after her.

What ever did he want? Was he of another faction that had it in for Carla Radames? Not that it mattered; she had prior engagements that needed tended to. A simple conversation could throw a wrench in the timetable of her objective.

The curiosity came and went.

Her limbs hopped off of the ledge of an adjacent building, with the use of hookshot to safely land without repercussions of a vast fall. As elusive and agile as she was, she was able to slip past a tiny crack of a eleven-foot gate. Her destination was but a hop and a skip away.


Jumping to next ledge, he was careful of the catwalk before him. The red bounty hunter had to make a break for it. All he wanted to ask was just who she was and how she knew Simmons, not to go after her for no reason.

But the lingering question on his mind, like a paper that could never be thrown away, was still there: why was she running? She didn’t seem like a hitman or some sort of rich lady who could do what she wanted as long as she had the money to cover it all. No, this was someone who had years of experience, someone who would be cut out for the KGB or even the CIA. But he had the feeling still, that she wasn’t affiliated with them, seeing as how Simmons was a world leader, financially running the world.

He saw her get away as he stopped at the ledge. He did hear a hook-line, or a sound of something shooting off. It wasn’t a gun, nor was it flare gun for that matter. It had to be something else. Looking at the area around him, he did have an idea or some conclusion of where she was. The bounty hunter moved quick and silently into the general area as he wasn’t sure if she was there or not. Covered in shadows and with some street lights that loomed in the night, he called out to this crimson stranger.

"I’m not here to turn you in. Just wanted to know, why were you there if you can hear me. Did you know Simmons?"

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“………” The swordsman remained silent for awhile as he sized the man before him. The fact that he called him kid when he looked just as old as he was made him slightly uneasy. No reaction from his brand meant him was odd for someone dressed like that. His eyes matched Guts’ own…He had seen ones like that before. The one belonging to Snake. Guts put his hand on the sword as his eye narrowed. “….Depends on who you are….Does the name God Hand mean anything to you?” He questioned as he remained on guard.

"God Hand?" The name did sound familiar the moment this male asked. According to rumors, or even in some biblical texts, they were a circle of angels and devils. He wasn’t sure which they were, but there were five members, considering the name of ‘Hand’.

"A little bit. I’ve heard of them only through some books I’ve read. How’d you know of them?"

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"Time to get to work."

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"Well" The bounty hunter responded as he noticed this younger male, short dark spikey hair with an oversized sword. It was heavier than the two handed German blades made back then, but the boy seemed to hold his own. "Good weapon you got there kid. What’s your name?"

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"I’m not too sure who you are or how you found me." The bounty hunter responded as he saw this female with blue hair, but a discipline that could only come from the military. "But, something tells me you’re from the Army? Maybe Marines? Well, anywho pleasure to meet you stranger."

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Pinched between the tips of slender, leather clad digits was the head of her dark baton. Personally overseeing a shipment of l’Cie subjects had been an assignment she personally requested from her superiors and, given her rank and ‘physical sway’, such a desire was easily satiated. Such proximity to potential manipulative tools riled her at the core. Satisfaction manifested in a taut half smile, full pink tiers resting upon one another and jade hues observing the operation. 

Gripping with annoyance at the sudden contact that resulted in a wavered stature, the visually dulcet and supple Commander pivoted sharply to meet the gaze of the foolish assailant that would push her. An apology did escape from the lost boy prior to her outrage being given voice and action. “I am fine,” She replied, head canting with blonde tresses cascading from her shoulder in a sugary, calm gesture, “You seem to be skirting quite close to a sanctioned Military Operation. Far more than a typical denizen of Cocoon would dare to. You are also dressed in quite a foreign manner.” Despite her endearing, inviting smile supported by a silken, cloying voice, her articulations and quick firing of deductions displayed a previously unforeseen intelligence and vindication, “You may have to be detained.”

The mood for saying sorry and asking for forgiveness had suddenly faded away as this was turning into a shakedown, this time on him. He crossed his arms as he kept his auburn eyes on her’s. This new land he wasn’t one to be really welcoming for someone who by accident stumbled on this female.

There wasn’t any time for inspections as to what this female was doing or anything about the activities she was attending to. What was known about her was her holding a position of power. When the words ‘detain’ or ‘articulation’ come into play, this meant she was part of a military agency, this PSICOM he’s turned a few people in for. 

He stood his ground though as she told him about what he just might be facing for simply ‘being at the wrong time at the wrong place’. But this outsider, this man who had entered in Cocoon, did have an idea. He closed his eyes as he blinked, still keeping his eyes on her. The wind went through these two individuals as well as those in chains, the sound of his red coat and his black collard shirt went with the direction it blew. 

"Huh, well then" he paused as he kept his posture as well as his eyes on her. His body language was an indication of him not going to bend or move for anyone. The tall man was someone who was both headstrong and one who didn’t seem his age as he was prepared to reveal his trump card against her threat.

"Forgive me again ma’am. I can understand how this is a military ground, and sometimes the SOP is strictly military personnel only. I can’t claim to be a long time resident of Cocoon. However" He reached to his back pocket to pull out his credentials of his job, ever since he came here against his choice.

"Upon my arrival, I’ve captured some of these l’cies you have hiding around here." He responded as he took out an identification of being a bounty hunter. It was true that he wasn’t a local but he did return wanted persons of interests back to PSICOM, and directly to them without any middle man.  "So, I accidentally stumbled upon this area, of my employers. I don’t believe there’s any reason for detainment since I stumbled upon her by accident. Don’t you think, miss?"


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Big Boss couldn’t help but be impressed by Sol’s resume. His recruits were no slouches, but most of them only specialized in one area. Maybe two areas, tops. A competent field soldier wouldn’t necessarily be fit for the R&D team. 

“A regular jack of all trades. Reminds me a bit of my second-in-command, Kazuhira Miller. I’m sure you’ll get to know him soon enough.”

But what interested the commander the most was Sol’s mentioning of swords. Big Boss was an expert on guns of all kinds, but he didn’t know much about swords. 

“Do you have any knowledge about developing weapons? The MSF is supplied with more than enough guns, but we don’t have any melee weapons other than knives. It’s not a pressing issue, just something to consider. I’ll assign you to whichever team you feel most comfortable with.”


Upon hearing his subordinate’s praise for his naming of Outer Heaven, the commander took a moment to think about what led him to that name in the first place. It wasn’t too long ago that Big Boss confronted and defeated Gene, the commander that led the FOX rebellion. Gene had his own vision in Army’s Heaven, but what separated the two was that Big Boss genuinely cared about his men.

“With the path that we walk as soldiers, there’s no chance that we’ll ever make it to heaven. We’re condemned to the hell brought by conflict, but there’s no place we rather be. That’s where the name ‘Outer Heaven’ comes into play.”

He was surprised inside that the man who he had only read about would compliment on his talents and his ways he could contribute to MSF. It took years upon years just to have a good hold on these skills. Anyone  could do it, all they need was just motivation. But for this now ex-bounty hunter from the future, he had to learn some how to keep himself alive.

"Kazuhira Miller?" He responded as the name wasn’t one he that came to mind. If anything, he was using references from his memory he had in college. He never heard of a Kazuhira Miller, but then again, it wouldn’t surprise him if the publishers or whoever was in charge of what to include, decided not to add him in the pages of history.

With the mention of the need for up-close weapons, this was another area Sol was exposed to, and had to develop weaponry back then for the Sacred Order of the Holy Knights, a time in which only he would be alive to tell the tale as it was far in the future. But this was different: a modern scientist working with equipment made during this era. This wouldn’t only give MSF a fair shot, but a good advantage.

"Yeah, actually if we do have the tech here, I could probably invent some ideas and show em to you sir. Where’s your R&D department?"

His words however, were true. In some places around the world, soldiers can be viewed as death machines to honor-bound heroes. But there wasn’t any guarantee in the first place they’d be knocking on Heaven’s Door. They’ve killed human lives, they were boys / girls now turned into what some may refer to them as “murderers”. And in some cases, such as the most recent end to the Vietnam War, some would come back forever changed. And for the worse.

"It’s true. Soldiers, no matter what part don’t have the keys to the kingdom to go up there. And no one really sees it either. This is…right, and it’s a place for one more."  

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With the flick of the wrist, the grappling hook attached to the edge of some building. Sturdy enough to support the weight and tug of her ministrations. Ada soared through the night sky like a graceful dove, like a meteorite embodied in the form of a statue of Aphrodite.

The winds licked at her cranberry blouse haphazard strands. Rustling of fabrics couldn’t have been any more of a sweet symphony to hold weight to the very magnitude of her quick-fast inclination. The winds hissed at her like a beast in passing.

She was a sphinx. She was elusive.

He was fast and undeniably agile, but not fast enough to keep so much as a tendril of hair in his grasp.

No time.


This female, as fast and as well-equipped as she was, knew how to move out of those tight spots. In a sense, she did it all with elegance, as she ran as fast to get away from him. 

The wind kept going through the bounty hunter, like knives going by, cold but certainly fast. This was going to be a game of chase as both the red creatures ran. There was in a way, a freedom, as both the male and female were unbound and not going on any agenda. This was their playground, and their own haven that no one else dared to interfere.

"What’s the deal?!"


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